Friday, 1 January 2010



Happy new year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Decided to write this very 1st post minutes after welcoming 2010 because, I seemed to have my emotions overwhelming me at this moment.

My mum gave me a big hug and cos I felt so paiseh to hug my dad i shake hands(kind of weird!). Haha... no lah, i wanted to cry when my mum hug me, ah, to avoid my parents getting shock so i decided to shake hands with my dad. Heeee!

Felt very comfortable and grateful for, my whole family is back together to welcome the new year. Ah, I wonder how many times I could have this gathering! Grateful for many people, especially my family, him and friends.

Cheers for 2010!

Lastly, too share my happiness, enjoy~


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