Wednesday, 30 December 2009


My brother is back from Japan. And the other brother is getting married in a couple of days. How time flies and all of us have grown up, leading our own life.

Its 30 December and its gonna be the end of the year. This year, it's pretty normal for me. Life wasn't pretty smooth nor pretty rough. I do trip and fall, have countless unhappy encounters, regardless with friends, classmates or colleagues, or even, people who is close to you.

I do have to admit, I gained a lot of experience this year, through my encounters. Through pain I learnt the hard way, and I never wanted it to learn that way.

Ahh... school life and reality is just 2 different world. I haven't really got fully adjusted to my school life here, let alone reality. Ah, that is just so so terrible.

No one will pat on your shoulder and say, come on, tomorrow will be a better day. There's only people who is waiting to make you unhappy, making you frustrated, making you felt that what is this shit I am taking. Even if you hoped that at the end of the day people do cheer you up, forget it, your life feels much more terrible.

Oh well, forget about it. I should be looking forward to next brand new year.

Made some new year resoultion, some really practical ones.

1. Be H A P P Y
2. TRY keeping long hair. LOL
3. Don't have any more expectations of anyone.
4. Hide in my own little world and live alone. LOL
5. Talk lesser, think lesser ( context of certain situations)
6. Not to be too available, so that won't be taken for granted
7. Try not to be too accomodating

Practical but hard to practice. LOL!

Have a blessed new year everyone!


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