Monday, 4 January 2010

Getting on my nerves

The office bastards are really pissing me off.

Doesn't help when they're sitting so fucking close to my place.

#1 Stupid loudmouth who can't shut the fuck up and always membebeling about everything in his life. As though we care to know.

#2 Dumbfuck who has to ask people the same fucking question multiple times, and always having his own personal concert at his place.

#3 Bitch who can't shut up, and talking to customers as though they're chatting in a kopitiam.

#4 Stupid little thing who just tags along just because she's in love with #2.

A bunch of dumbfucks who deserve each other. But a bunch of dumbfucks who are sitting too near to my place.

Makes working even tougher than it already is. Every time they make noise at the back, I just go


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