Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I need more motivation… Less fluffy goodness…

I’ve spent the weekend in the lab. However, when the weekday came I became lazy again. I need to get my ass moving.

Working from my room has a few plus points: I can eat whenever I want to, I can take a shower to freshen up when I feel tired, I can tidy up the room to take my mind off things when I’m too shitted out to think.

The bad thing about it? The main thing that kept me from getting half as much of my work done? My BED. Yes, my royal bed. My haven and my heaven. I just have to turn around and there it is.

That said, I’d still lie down and sleep when I’m sleepy lar. Unless I’ve got a deadline on the next day and I can’t finish it, then I’d definitely burn the midnight oil.

Anyways, I was doing my assignment before I got bored and came here to merapu.

Back to work >.<



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