Sunday, 15 March 2009

Make it through the night.

So, here I am again, blogging from my lab. Today I’m using Windows Live Writer from my laptop because sadly, there’s no internet access right now, I don’t know why.

But that doesn’t matter, what matters is that I can finally get some work done without the distraction of internet and MouseHunt and Plurk and MSN.

It’s right now, 10.17pm and I’m working in my lab. People tell me it’s creepy to be working alone in the night, well I say it’s one of the best experience evah. Wanna know why? Because there’s no one to spy on you when you do work, no one to come and ask you questions like “Oh, what’s your experiment like, how do you go about it?” or making small talk with people. So basically, I don’t like to interact with humans. Most of the time anyways. There’ll still be time when I crave for human presence :P

I’ll come update this piece when I take a break from getting the FYP paperwork done.


It’s now midnight, and I just finished running one sample. It’s a bit frustrating when the cleaning takes such a bastardly long time but the process to get the result only lasts 5minutes.

On the brighter side, it does look better than the previous curves I’ve had. The previous ones were practically screwed up by the stupid barrier that moves on its own free will. And now that it’s under control, the curves look much better, more like it’s supposed to be.


Today started using this another type of detergent, Decon-90. It’s a detergent used to clean lab stuffs, and you can see from the name Decon that it’s supposed to decontaminate. It’s not soapy like the usual detergent we used, and it’s more runny. And the most annoying thing about this Decon-90 is that it smells like lizard/cockroach/bat shit. It really does. Smells terrible.


Back in my room now, gonna catch some sleep =_=

PS: Faeezah is one of the most caring coursemates I have. Truly blessed to know her :)


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