Saturday, 21 March 2009

A rant before carrying on my work

Was taking a break to read some blogs and there was this one blog I visit sometimes but never completed reading a post.

Then there was a new post up on this blog and I was interested, since there was a little drama going on.

But I was like WAD DA FARK coz the font of the post is so fekking small. Which was one of the reasons why I never completed reading a post from it [the other reason being Ah Lian Engrish with terrible spelling and hard to understand phrases].

Which makes me wanna blog about small fonts on a blog.

If once in a while you find yourself in a whimsical mood and don't really wanna make it easy for people to read what you're writing, that's perfectly fine. But when the default font size you're using is only legible after you zoom and when you're using pastel for font colour against a WHITE background, then you seriously have a problem.

I don't get it when people use small fonts for their blog. I really don't.

Just doesn't make sense to me.

Update: Even after copying the whole thing into Microsoft Word and removing all the formatting, changing the font to Arial and enlarging the font, I still can't carry on reading it.

De Engrish is two fantasteeks.


sleepy said...

You make me feel like reading this super fhantashtik blog leh... as some comic relief once a while hehe.

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