Thursday, 2 October 2008

[The Long Awaited] The Wedding Part II


OK, so I am home, and just got the pictures from my sister’s wedding.

[These were taken by a professional photographer, so feast your eyes!!!]

The first item of the day was the outdoor shooting in Sg’s Botanical Gardens and the results were marvellous!

The dress for the shooting is also the best dress of all. It has a super long train.

The dress1Dress details006

The make-up and hair was done by the same person, but I’m not too sure who he is tho. Forgot his name but he did quite a great job on her hair, I really liked it.

Hair 1hair and makeup doneFong FFveildrew phoneWee wang wang

After the make-up it’s time go head off!

family 1car errr DnA

The entourage (the couple, photographer, videographer, groom’s 2 friends and I) arrived at the Gardens and we got straight to work. Here’s the result.

jlnjln cari makanchantek2chantek3chantek4chantek5chantekchantek6chantek7chantek8chantek9

After the shoot, everyone got ready for the church ceremony. The church’s name is Church of the Holy Family. Since mon pere is NA my brother walked my sister down the aisle and gave her away.

1709 copy 23775 copy 710 copy790 copy456789723 copy10202 copy212 copy222 copy752 copy232 copy814 copy262 266 copy 239 copydunnolalaladononodono11

After the church ceremony, we all went back to the hotel where the poolside dinner was held. Below are the highlights.

406 copy409 copy410 copy411 copy879 copy421 copy883 copy422 copy425 copy908 copy435 copy438 copy897 copy450 copy465 copy471 copy461 copy481 copy476 copy504 copy904 copy887a copy590 copy595 copy577 copy578 copy567 copy621 copy624 copy915 copy

Since it was a poolside dinner, getting wet was expected, especially when the groom has so many “braders”. The lucky thing was they don’t quite know my sister that well so they weren’t so sure whether they could do the same to her too. I guess the dip cleared his head a little too, since he drank quite a lot alcohol thanks to the “braders” too.

All in all, everything went quite smoothly, and thankfully the weather was very good and this was very important since there was outdoor photoshoot and also open air buffet. They both have very good karma!

So, this is it. You like? [Special dedication to Jun, who kept pressing me about the pictures. If not for her reminders I would have just let it be. So, merci beaucoup Jun!]

702 copy


sleepy said...

I love LOVE the black/white pic of your sis n bro in-law on the bench, under tress, with a patio at the b/grd. LOVE it!! And i love all the wedding locations lor! Poolside dinner!! So not conventional, so perfect! =D

Oh and of cos Rojak, you're looking very pretty oh!! ;)

rojakrojak said...

so far i've gotten two people with different responses about their favourite photo.

ming eng likes the top view of the pool.

you like the one under the trees black and white.

my favourite would be the 18th church picture, the one above "With God as Witness..."

that one is my wallpaper now lol.

i really am excited about this blog post, the pictures look so great!!!

the pix make the actual events look much better. actually the church ceremony [after my bro gave her to andrew] is very boring, and the country music makes me curl up in horror. lol!

sleepy said...

Oh ya ya! I love your pic too! The shot from bottom towards the ceiling.. can see the artistic stained glass, the couple and guests! Very perfect. Oh another one would be the 3rd church pic. No ppl, just the chairs n reflected stained glass on the floor. Kind of serenity in it. Actually i love ALL of the pics la!! HAHA.

rojakrojak said...

another friend of mine said she liked the first entrance. lol

J said...

haha when i first saw the entry i was like YESSSSSS SHE REMEMBERED!!! hahaha
i love all the pics lah, the one of u, ur sis and mom hugging so wow lah..warm n fuzzy all round ehhe
LOVE the poolside thingy too..
yayyyy nice entry my favourite hehe

市井行人 said...

y u din post da red suit girl

rojakrojak said...

bro, u post lo, if you want u can ask me to email u the pic then u post in ur blog lo.

吴宏立 (GHL) said...

this article is full of photos!! keep up the good work!

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