Friday, 3 October 2008


Warning : Emo post ahead. Proceed at own risk.

Oh well, I feel sad. Or maybe just disappointed.

Its been in my heart for long. Very long.

I thought I could let it go, but it seems the more I want to let go, the more I want to salvage back.

Should I try that one last time before I completely forget, let go and carry on?

Tell me.

After all, a period of more than one decade ain't short.


rojakrojak said...


cheer up baby... we can't bear to see you sad!!!

whatever it is, sometimes it's fate, you can't force things. but you can try to make yourself feel better about everything that happens.

cheer up! we're behind you!!! [giving you tanduk at the back of your head. lol]

Edrea said...

Thx darlinggggg....


Norven said...

sometimes, it is really not up to us to let go or not. many things happen because of our own actions which cause subsequent actions to follow. we don't know whether it is for the best if we do or don't do something, so why not just let nature takes it course and leave it to fate to decide what should happen next? If you feel at the point of action, to salvage things; why not give it a try? But if you feel at that point of time, it is useless to do anything; why force yourself to try at all? So I would say, don't harp on the matter for too long, and things will fall in nicely naturally. Whether to try or not, depends on how you are feeling while making your decision.

ME jiayou!

Edrea said...



Hahaaa... U gave me a good jab of confidence! =)


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