Monday, 29 September 2008


The other Scb is still in JB... So meanwhile I update a lil....

Just finished my quiz on derivatives. Sucks.

Preparing for another quiz on Life contingencies.

My life seems to be around those academic stuff!


HAhaha.... Oh well... My mum say my expectation has grown. ( I presume so)

Anywayz, raya is coming and I won't have spare time to celebrate nor sit down and slack.

Oh and my buddy HL has flown to UK. Yes, everyone seems to end up in UK. (Will I be there by next year this time?)

I miss everyone. Miss HL, YH, LF and everyone.. Everyone. and recently, i found out that i'm not a very good person in expressing my feeling. Arghz!

Finally, who is in JB can come find me! I'm here in JB, most of the time!!! =)


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