Friday, 26 September 2008

An All-purpose Dream.

This morning I had a dream that compiled all of the things that I had thought about yesterday.

I had dreamt about using amino acids/proteins compatibility between two individuals to determine genetic compatibility before getting married.

Then the dream jumped to a scenario where some of the old Convent girls went to some place to visit Hashvina, although her name in the dream had been changed to something resembling Rita. The moment we got off the coach bus the first sight that welcomed us was the plaque on the main gate. “BUY U” and the “U” was like a logo, in a blue square. Then Hashvina wore something that looked like a nun garb in white showed us around the place, which ended up to be some kind of orphanage. THE END OF DREAM.

First thing, about the proteins thing. I was trying to write about blood components and I was focusing too much on red blood cell as a globular protein, and also there were other enzymes that I read about before going to bed.

The visiting was done with ex-Convent girls. This is explained by the invitation from Allison to meet up on Wednesday. The “U” in blue square. This looks awfully like the splash screen of Windows Live Writer. The word BUY. It’s from the invitation from someone asking me to join networking business [dono what it is? think MLM and direct selling, it’s similar.] BUY BUY BUY. Lol.

The weird thing is that I have no idea where the orphanage and nun thing came from.


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