Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Two Chabos, Double Siao-ness

Both Scb's are back in their own sweet home. And they decided to meet to have a day of non-stop siaoness.

First stop : Sigs.
Oh god, two of them said better not to meet Mr. ***. The moment they entered the school gate, "WEI, it's him!!" Argh...since they saw him, cannot turn one blind eye. So off they went over to say Hi to the teacher. Then he offered Scb's some tea or snacks but they decided to see other teachers instead.

Then, they saw Mr. ### and they tried to capture his attention but too bad he did not see us lor.

Oh well, the two of them continue their journey to the teacher's room. Wanted to find Pn. Gan and Pn Norliah. On the way there, suprisingly one of the scb's got a call from Mr. *** that Pn Gan is in the canteen.

Since the 2scb's were approaching the teacher's room, they continued walking and finally found Pn Norliah. Exchanged some words and found out the well being of each other.

After that continued to canteen to find Pn Gan. Hehez... Still the same old teacher. Great conversation but was disrupted by another "bu zhi liang li" teacher. Overall, Ok.

2nd stop: CONVENT!!!!

Lalalala... The most enjoyable stop for the 2 scb's. Pn Geetha, Pn Elony, Mrs Ignatius, Pn Cheng, Pn Heryati, Pn David Tan, Mrs Lee, Pn Emilda, Pn Noraini. Overall was fantabulous!

All the teachers look the same or look younger! They missed the 2scb's and hahaha... some of the teachers couldn't recognize the 2 scb's.
Pn. Yeoh was on M.C and couldn't get hold of her. Mrs Woodhull is busy with her things.

3rd stop : (2scb's & 1 xiaojie)

4th & 5th stop : SHOPPING!!!!!!!

Concluded the day with hugss and kisses(OOPS!)...


Yesterday went to Lance house for FYP. And this semester I sort of felt I have a lot of assignments undone. This sem, I need more hardwork! JIAYOU ba M.E.


"I was a fool.
I was a fool.
My regrets were too late too.
I know that it can't be turned back.
I know that I can't see you too.
I was so wrong, I'm so sorry.
I didn't get to say then, instead I was just being rotten.
So I'm here now pleading for forgiveness with worry

I'm a fool
Because of my pride
I'm ruining myself with alcohol and the bitter taste of cigarette smoke.
I cry my eyes out all day because I still love you You and I, we both are like fools.

Don't be like that, think about it.
Think about what it took us to get here
Think about it again, you're going to regret it.

I was so wrong,
I'm really sorry I didn't get a chance to say then, instead I was just being rotten.
So I'm here now pleading for forgiveness with worry

I can't live a moment without you.
I still cry even no matter how I drink or if I cut my hair.

Don't ruin yourself anymore... "


I miss you again, like yesterday.
Won’t this feeling of missing you, lessen any?
I keep thinking about you.

The more I try to sort through it all, the more the tears come.
Even when I try to steal it,
the memories spread into different memories through the tears that I shed.
It makes me cry so painfully.

All I can do is regret, because all I ever did was receive.
But I’m afraid you’ll forget me because I’ve never gave you anything.

I love you, I, I love you
These words have become a habit and these words are among the many I’ve learned from you.
I sit around alone mumbling to myself like a fool.
I’m sorry truly, truly, I’m sorry.
I’m even sorry that these words are so late
But I’m waiting here for you shamelessly
Will you by chance come back tomorrow?

Even if the birdcage that represented you was narrow I still liked it,
I was still happy.
I’m returning to the day, to my dreams when I believed in a forever without separation

If I could go back I’d gather my heart, I’d take everything from it and give it to you.

My heart..
In the end even if you can’t come
and you’ve changed and I’m not the one for you any longer
I’ll call and call out to you again
Like a parrot calling only your name..
Wishing for only your love like this


p/s : Perhaps you thought I was insensitive. I feign ignorant. Perhaps, perhaps....


sleepy said...

I wanna go back to Convent!!! And SIGS!!!!! Miss you all...

Edrea said...


2scb's misses u as well...

take care of urself babe!

*hugss* =)

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