Monday, 8 September 2008

Spot M.E.

friendS : You look so different. Couldn't recognize you.

Me : Issit? (don believe)

My friend uploaded the picture we took that night.

I took time to find myself.

I believe you now. =)

On another note. miss kelly is leaving for UK as well. (I told u the whole world is leaving! ) Got to meet her up last saturday with darling ck. Nice outing with you guys.

No pictures taken.

Don't ask me why did I buy that freaking Sony Camera and dumping it in my cupboard. Also don't ask me why I carry around handphone with camera yet I don't utilise it.

I tell you, I'm just plain L.A.Z.Y. =)

P/s : My roller-coaster emotion is gone for now.(I guess). Teeheez.

P/p/s : JIAYOU Ming Eng!!!!!


sleepy said...

Not hard wat.. i spotted you at once without even enlarging the pic. hehehe.. You're still the same.. Just with a little more longer hair (Finally!) and without your glasses (which makes u look really lady-like! Pretty!) =D

TwoSiaoChabos said...

MING ENG!!! me found you in the pikcher too!!!

you look cute!!! since now hair long oredi, can do setto liao! *giggle*

chantek chantek o!

Edrea said...


Probably i mata sepet le... I din spot myself at once.

I was recalling whom I stand next to then onli i spot myself.

Or maybe, I old liao!


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