Wednesday, 3 September 2008

NBS Alumni Dinner

And so, the dinner ended.

It was a fine dinner. With the alumnus from Great Eastern and NTUC, I managed to gain some insights about my field of work next time SHOULD I want to really be in ACS field.

Who knows about the future?

Alright, this dinner was much more that the networking. F.O.O.D!!

Food was superb. Nice la. Tried the smoked salmon which looks raw to me. First time trying it. It was nice I would say, but i still preferred the cooked one. =)

And of course, the company made the whole thing more interesting. =)

I was with my FYP mates in one whole table. I felt very weird at 1st. Imagine that the rest of the other tables my classmates were sitting down were quite full. The three of us could actually fill the other tables up if we split up, but I think it's just in us that we wanna sit together though we din say it out. Haha...

Basically that sums up all. At least, today was something happy and *memorable*.

To you, thanx for everything at the dinner. =)


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