Monday, 8 September 2008


The path is only wide enough for only two people to walk abreast.

Then, with the horror of what I call, "The Attack of the Dayangs", they dominate the whole path.

Ok, let me explain.

Like I said, path=for 2 only.

Then these slow walkers that I call Dayangs [malay word]. First problem with them: they walk to slowly. Second problem: they don't know how to give way when their stupid asses are blocking somebody's way. Thirdly: when you "SKEWZMEEE" very loudly they take 5 seconds to know you're actually speaking to them and they take another 5 seconds to get their lazy asses out of your fucking way.

For me, if I know that a path is only wide enough for 2 persons and I am walking side by side with my friend, I would always give way to people passing through from the opposite direction, or people whom [from the footsteps] are walking faster than me, going to overtake me.

I would give way by going in front of or behind of my friend. Then it's easier for everyone, nobody has to squeeze through no one.

But SOME PEOPLE, they walk in numbers of 2 or more, they take up the whole path, and they don't give a shit when they see you coming from the other direction. They would wait absolutely till the last second that you come face to face with them only they will move their stupid asses but by that time it'd be too late already and you have to squeeze through and sometimes bump into that bodoh person.

Illustrations of cases in point:

Any of you come across the same problem before?

Why can't these people grow some common sense!


When you are taking a crowded train [I'm referring to Malaysian trains/commuters/monorails/LRTs] and you want to get off at a station with many people trying to squeeze into the train like their lives depend on it, you always have to squeeze, shove and bang against them to get out alive right?

What is with these people? Can't they let the passengers get off first? Can't they realise that if we don't get off there'd be no space for them in the train anyway? Can't they be more civilised?!!??! Everytime I have to yell, "BOLEH KASI ORANG TURUN TAK?! ORANG TAK TURUN MACAM MANA YOU NAK NAIK?!" Some do understand what I'm saying but probably moved only because I looked super pissed, most just buat duh, like they can't hear what I said. They're pigs, I tell you. PIGS!!!


When you're on a crowded bus, and people are desperately trying to get on the bus, there'd always be people who are soooooooooooo scared to move to the back as though there's a pontianak there or something. Like, WTF?! Can't they see people are dying in the front trying to maintain balance not to fall whenever the bus makes a turn? And even after the bus driver nicely tells them to move to the back, some more! I have zero tolerance for this and I always call out to the people in the back to move their asses. My standard line: "BOLEH MASUK BELAKANG TAK?! ORANG LAIN PUN NAIK BAS, ORANG LAIN PUN NAIK PERGI KELAS TAU!" THEN only they'd start shifting by half an inch.

I personally would move as far to the back as possible, coz I understand the agony of watching a bus that's still a quarter empty drive away and I'm not on it, just because of some people's stupidity.


The water tap in my hostel bathroom has a problem.

It is this type:

This type of tap is usually turned off by pushing it towards the center until you can't push any further, right?

See, the problem with the ones in the bathroom is that, the dead center is where the water stops, but the maximum it can go is more than the dead center. Turn it to the maximum, the water will trickle.

The thing I don't understand about my neighbours is that they can't seem to grasp the concept of turning the tap to center instead of pushing it to maximum. And every single time I go to the bathroom I witness their dumbness and I have to do the job myself. I am very tempted to paste a notice there telling them how to use it.

And the temptation of adding the word "bodoh" in the notice increases each time I correct the tap position.


A story about litterbugs. Malaysians have this mentality of throwing their rubbish anywhere. The streets, the drain, under any seat, in the sink, etc., etc.
They can argue that there isn't any rubbish bin. I would hold the rubbish in my hand till I find one. But how can they possibly litter when the rubbish bin is only 2 steps away!?!?! That's total rubbish!

For example: Public bus passengers. There is a bin in the bus, there is a bin at the bus stop. But no, these people don't see the link between "rubbish" and "rubbish bin" [seems like they never learnt it in school and their parents never taught them] and they always associate "rubbish" to "ground". They throw their ticket on the ground the moment they get off. I feel so malu, you know?! MALU to be called Malaysian!

And the worst thing is, the PARENTS who are supposed to nurture their young are the ones teaching them this evil habit!!!


I wonder how is it that malays love to grab ANY type of food with their hands. Without washing them first. Seriously.

Scenario: Goreng pisang in plastic. I would hold the pisang inside the plastic, with the plastic and bite off the pisang. They? Reach into the plastic and hold with their all their five fingers. First, it is dirty hands they're eating from. Second, they end up with dirtier and oilier hands. One case I've seen, this pakcik was in the bus and ate something with all five fingers and he wiped the grime on the bus curtain. EWWWWWW!!! The bus curtain super dirty, ok?!

I'm glad I got all those things off my chest. PHEW!


市井行人 said...

dayang = 2 dying young
early die early good

sleepy said...

Have u checked out the video on norven's blog? U shd totally get the bicycle bell and use them against the dayangs.. I so feel your pain.. If u wanna shout at them.. i urge u to do so. hahaa.. =D

rojakrojak said...

oh my god it's so effective!!! but maybe because bicycles are common in japan gua. if you ring it in malaysia i don think anyone would notice la... but thanks for the suggestion, i shall go buy a blarehorn now...

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