Monday, 1 September 2008

Privacy is pricey

Kimiga nozomu no eien jiyuu...

So this is, the freedom and privacy that I so desired. I think I am doing ok so far with this new found single-person freedom.

But recently as the activities get less and less, I am depending more and more on internet to be the subsitute of the human contact that I gave up. I find myself checking my Friendster views, blog comments, reply to my comments and email every 5 minutes.

It's hard to catch people online, and lucky for me today, both Jun and Joyce came online and I managed to chat with them before Jun went for makan and Joyce to sleep [it was 1am in Vancouver.]

I am reading more and more of Malaysia Today, I am blogging more than usual. It doesn't help that my kawans either have gone home for the long weekend or paktoh all the time and forget their friends. [Yes, I am still going on about this issue. So bloody what?!]

So I've taken my time to zhng my pc, download illegal ciplak software and have fun with these new programmes.


J said...

it was fun chatting with you!
come online more oftenn yarr
u mean u dont have a roommate anymre?? tats good isnt it always fun to be on your own hehehe

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