Sunday, 31 August 2008

Merdeka!!! Ka?

So, are we truly independent and free?

I say no. We still have work to do before the real Merdeka is realised.

Everyone of us as the rakyat has the right to exercise our RIGHTS as a RAKYAT.

But we have to do that by having information. So that we can make informed decisions. And by "information", I mean true, correct, unadulterated, uncensored information.

Even though I believe that the rakyat should be given the ultimate power to shape the future of Malaysia, I believe that we cannot be given the absolute power to do so right now. It's like having a teenager with strict parents and sending him away to a place where no one can monitor and control his actions. Like a head without chicken, he'd run astray and smoke weed etc... Likewise we'd have people abusing that power, and there might be a civil war before we know it.

We must be released from our leash bit by bit. We must be taught how to self regulate, and the reigning leader should practise the same self-restrain. We must learn how to manage ourselves and in turn, manage the social trend that we decide is the best for us.

We should be the censorship of any govt. If the people are happy and kenyang, then obviously the leader would be doing a good job. But as I've read from somewhere, a hungry rakyat is an angry rakyat. So the govt should 看我们的脸色to decide what is best for us. They shouldn't decide everything by themselves, and say that it's the best for us; because when they don't even know us and listen to us how can they know what is the best for us? Because we are not the docile and obedient little people with blind faith, like how they wanted to shape us. We are getting educated, through real experience, or like me, through alternative media.

Independence and freedom do not come easy. Sacrifice had to be made to achieve this goal. Though many still refer to themselves first by their race, and not as a "Malaysian", I still believe we love each other as Malaysians and would stand together against the govt that wants to and has been segregating us for 51 years. I believe so because I am convinced, I am sure that what we all want is equality.

I am sure Malays are sick of being taken care of by the govt and be criticised by other races for that. They are intelligent and capable of excelling too, if they are given a chance, which they have been denied by all these years of "assistance" from the govt.

I am sure that Chinese are sick of being denied the right to enroll themselves into a public uni. The Chinese would be sick of hearing they are denied the social assistance because of the "idea" that govt put in us: that the Chinese are "rich". Not all are wealthy. There are some still need monetary assistance to get by, not to mention send their children to school.

I am sure that the Indians are sick of being marginalised by everyone. They would like to have an equal stand in society too, and to be able to have their own places of worship, to go on their daily lives, send their children to school without having to fear that their children is being taught how to hate because of their skin colour.

I am sure we want to project to the world, that we are truly BOLEH in achieving social and racial harmony. I am sure we want change from the internal rot that has been our govt. I am sure we want to be able to think and act for ourselves without the govt dictating what we should read/watch/say. I am sure we want the future for next generation to be instead of saying "I am an Indian/Chinese/Malay", they are able to proudly say, "I am a Malaysian", "Saya anak bangsa Malaysia", "Saya mewakili kemerdekaan Malaysia."

Kemerdekaan dari kongkongan fikiran kolot dan fikiran yang merosak, merosot minda bangsa Malaysia.

We have that potential. And we have the potential to revolt. But we wouldn't want that, neither does the govt right? So they shouldn't push us too far to come to that before waking up properly.

Selamat Hari "Merdeka", semua.


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