Monday, 1 September 2008

Chopped up.

Not beef. Not chicken. Not mutton.

My hair.

I had a Robyn cut in mind, but that means I have to straighten my hair, and I'm outta budget for that.

So then I passed by this salon [cheap type] on my way to grocery shopping and I just went in there and dragged my friend Lay Pheng, the only one keeping me company now since friend has forsaken me for paktoh [YES, I AM STILL PISSED ABOUT THIS] so thank god she lives near to me, into the salon. I wanted a short cut and the ladyboss gave me all sorts of reason why I shouldn't and after making sure she knew I wanted layer cut to avoid looking like a 80's loser, she gave me THIS.
The aftermath.
You may not notice it but it looks chopped up. It's not layer at all. The hairdresser is quite pissy and usually if it's other type of service I would have been more pissy back. But the fate of my hair was in her hands so I was extra nice to her and smiling and all. But chopped up hair was what I got. 
You dono what I mean by "chopped up"? Go get some vege, grab one end, use a chopper and chop up one end, and that is what my hair is like. RM15's worth of work. Choppy.


sleepy said...

Oh dear...
I sooo understand your pain sista. Chopped up hair makes me wanna chop the hairchopper's head with a chopper. Maybe u shd consider going to another shop to get it layered nicely.. Hair like this will haunt u till it's reached your back, cos then u wouldn't be able to see it. I pity u... :(

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