Wednesday, 3 September 2008


The roller coaster emotion this time round is rather serious.

I managed to catch a glimpse on some blogs of my friends. I really enjoyed some post where those moments that they enjoyed were captured. While some, I really wanna say is really fake.

U may say I was being prejudiced. No, I'm not. Somethings are just for the heart to feel it. Don't blog because u wanna show to the whole world that ur life "sounds interesting". At least, that is what i feel.

OK, i shall try not be so negative here.

Oh, to add on to the previous post of mine, hweeli is flying off very soon also. Most of my good friends are not here. arrgghhhzzz....

Finally, to end this post, a BIG thanx to the both 2 babes. SCB and joycie! Keep in touch and I LOVE u gurls!

p/s : I need to be stronger.


rojakrojak said...

SCB!!! finally letting ur feelings out! ok that's healthy!

how come everyone's flying off somewhere de?!

and one more thing i've been wondering for the longest time, HOW DA HELL YOU MAKE YOUR FONT SO SMALL!?!?!?


sleepy said...

Here's a SUPER DUPER BIG hug to you, ming eng... Hope you're feeling much much better now. =) And yeah, how on earth did u make ur font sooooooo microscopic?! (Wah.. long time never use the microscope word d. LOL) =D

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