Saturday, 13 September 2008


This malay girl she was washing her pad and I was queueing up outside the toilet. She came out, I went in and OMG it stinks like hell!!! I was actually smelling her period sial!

PS: They should bring air freshener in there and spray it till the cows come home every time they wash their pads in there la, smelly sial!


Norven said...

wth? how can pads be reusable??!? if dirty then just throw it the right way la why need to wash one??? yucks

rojakrojak said...

they wash before they throw lol

sleepy said...

nor nor.. u didn't know they HAVE TO wash it before they throw de meh? yeah.. it's disgusting i know..
but roejin, ur case was the MOST disgusting situation i can ever imagine.. poor you..

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