Thursday, 11 September 2008

In other words...

OK, here's something I just want to blabla about.

Say if one day you want to go to the movies, and you want to ask your friend to go too. Say, your friend's name is Etircopyh.

So you happy happy go ask Etircopyh to go...

"Want go movie?"

"Er, cannot la. My father said movies is bad. Cannot go. I can't."

See, the truth behind the refusal for movies might have been anything.

But seeing this, my opinion is that...

Etircopyh was trying to be look like the best son/daughter in the world.

But what it actually looks like:
1. Etircopyh is the stupidest dimwit who can't think for him/herself
2. Etircopyh's father should have been left behind in the middle ages burning witches.

Etircopyh should do his/her father a favour and stop with the name tarnishing!



Edrea said...

Thoughts ar??


Ask her/he go back home drink milk.


rojakrojak said...

hi 5 sista!!

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