Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Alright, don't get the petition going....

Nothing much to blog about. Just busy.

A few updates of my 'happening' life.

1. Joycie went off. Miss her so much (that she's the top rank of my updates!!)
2. Miss SCB.
3. Nothing has been going right since the start of my sem.
4. Getting more fed-up with a lot of fakers in my class.
5. I seem to lose more time now.
6. Nowadays, I like to be quiet.
7. And recently I started to avoid things. All sorts of things.
8. Waiting for my 1st breakdown point in this sem.
9. I wished I would not need to struggle to breathe.
10. I wished I would have complete control over my things.
11. I wished I was that busy to think about any other stupeed stuff.

Back to the reality world.

Note to SCB: Thanx and I wished I could hug you now. =(


rojakrojak said...

OMG! it takes so many inches off my hair length for you to appear! [perasan]

remember to breathe!
[before your meltdown and yelling at people. coz u need a lot of breath to yell]

chill beb!

sleepy said...

I miss you too!!!!!!!
I wish i could fly back now to lie down n chat under the stars with you... :(

Heys.. u shdn't wait for your first breakdown, cos it shd never happen. Cheer up babe, everything will be alright. If there's ppl making u angry, take it out on your blog, i'm sure u'll feel A WHOLE LOT better. It doesn't matter if u don't use words, just use some powerful symbols to blog. haha.. Ask rojak for tips on scolding ppl on blog. She's good at it. hahaa..

Missing u..

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