Saturday, 23 August 2008

Throwing stones, with an injured ankle.


I have had pain in my right foot since a few weeks ago and it's not going away, but getting worse. I've seen the doctor a few times about this, every time he just gives me painkiller and analgesic cream. I think I need to revisit the sinseh I visited when I sprained my ankles.

Today I met up with my ex roommate in Maluri, which is a long way from UKM. I bandaged my foot with crepe bandage so that the strain is less on my foot. I passed her her photos taken by the uni when she when onstage to receive her degree during her convocation. The pictures cost RM40. They are basically the same picture in different sizes. That's how UKM makes money out of everyone.

So we talked for a short while, while having lunch together. She looked good, given she's now a primary school teacher, yeah, she looked REALLY good. She told me how she had to use different tactics to deal with her students. Her students are very lucky. They are the last class in primary 3, and the teachers usually let them go to do what they want coz they don't see any hope in them. But from what I heard from my roommate, she has done a lot for them and it seems her patience and care has shown results. All it takes is one good teacher to make an everlasting impression on us and change our lives forever, and hopefully my roommate has done just that.

Went to see if there's any offer on the grocery items, and voila some of the items I use are on offer so I bought some back. It was an arduous journey because there was a heavy downpour and I was carrying heavy stuff. My foot wouldn't stop aching and FINALLY I reached UKM. And my foot is killing me. Gotta take my painkiller now.........................................


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