Sunday, 24 August 2008

Music time!

Music recommendation time!

I like Cat Power. This is not a band la, but like A Fine Frenzy, she uses a stage name. Cat Power's real name is Charlyn Marshall. She has a very unique voice, and she does well with songs with low tones. Meaning she sounds good doing what she does but if she starts to do Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston she would sound shit.

Sara Bareilles's is not foreign to those who watch Channel 5 because during the GSS Channel 5 used the GSS theme to promote their programmes. "Love Song" was very catchy, but recently I'm hooked on "Gravity". One thing I dislike about Sara is that she sings a bit like a cantopop singer. She uses nasal voice hitting the high notes which is annoying to me.

And a trip down memory lane. Natalie Imbruglia's "City", taken from Left of the Middle long long ago. This is the one song I would put on a loop and never get tired of listening to.


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