Friday, 22 August 2008

Mamma Mia Mozarella!!!

Disclaimer: This blog post has nothing to do with cheese. It just sounds nice with Mamma Mia.

OK, the last time Across the Universe came out, I didn't watch it. Heck, I don't even know whether it was playing in Malaysia or not.

But this time, I know for sure Mamma Mia is coming to Malaysia.

You all know right, the song Mamma Mia? By ABBA. And Dancing Queen. And Thank You For The Music.

I soooo wanna watch this movie coz I absolutely love musicals. Think Cats, Chicago, Hairspray.

First of all, Meryl Streep is like, one of the best actresses around. I can imagine Amanda Seyfried shivering in her panties acting alongside her. Then I recognised Amanda from an episode of CSI. If I'm not wrong, it's the original Las Vegas CSI [which is the best CSI of all.]

On the other hand, I never thought Pierce Brosnan was good for any role other than James Bond but who knows, he might surprise me.

I think if I watched this movie right, I'll probably memorise all the lyrics to all of the songs like I did with music from Hairspray and Chicago. And I'll sing them everyday just to annoy the hell out of everyone around me. How's that?

"Ohohohoh, mamma mia here I go again! My, my, how can I resist you! Mammia, does it show again, my, my, just how much I miss you!"

*And Karaokeing*

I think disco music is something that gets everyone everytime it's played. How can you play Dancing Queen without people actually singing to it,  and gyrating their hips to it. They're a classic, and it's kinda sad how they disbanded. But they're the best thing to come out of Sweden, next to IKEA of course.

I remember one of the first times I heard ABBA music was from a medley done by British artists, waayyy back when 911 was still hot.

Wait ah, I go find the video...

Here it is!!!!

Isn't it cool or what?!

Now imagining Meryl Streep in those STEPS costumes....

The costumes bring memories from when STEPS are still famous and me still buying TOP of the POPs from my pocket money. It's sad how artists nowadays are no longer immortalised. They are a fad, and their name fade away in time.

But people like ABBA and Bee Gees are always remembered. Because they had less competition, and they didn't release 2albums per year just for the sake of releasing albums and earning the money. They CARED about the music they make. And that's why their music is immortalised, and in coming years, made into movies. I missed Beatles in Across The Universe, and I regretted it. I've been setting my eyes on the movie ever since it was in productions and the same goes with Mamma Mia. I look forward to watching it. And I sure am not gonna miss it for the world!

Thank You For The Music, ABBA!


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