Friday, 22 August 2008

English Speaking Zone my ass.

The announcements in my college are getting more and more annoying. 

First, the voice of the announcer is annoying. 

Second, they are playing patriotic songs every evening. But it's ok, coz they don't blast it like they did last year.

Third, I noticed they are not making the announcements in English. The VC of UKM is doing this "English Speaking Zone" thing, and supposedly the colleges are taking part too. The cafe of my college had this "English Speaking Zone" thing emblazoned on its wall. But is the college really responding to the VC's call to speak English?

I think not. As a person who points out anything that doesn't fit in any puzzle, I smsed a fellow Widdy regarding this.

I sent:
Hi, i'm a kdo student. If the college is an english speaking zone, they why aren't the announcements made in english?

He replied [irrelevantly]:
would u mind if I ask ur name and ur room no 1st?

I mean, what's the bloody point? It's not as if I asked "May I know why is my room's light not fixed?"
So I replied:
I am Poh Roe Jin, 3rd yr student. Matric number: A111108. IC: 86091636508. Room number: K3C 305. Are these information relevant? I was just wondering about the english speaking zone and how come we're not including english in our announcements anymore, like we did when i was in my second year.

He replied:
nope,it was for my information. actually ESZ in not launching yet. ESZ will be officially started 28 aug08 in KDO.anyway,u did give us good suggestion.thank u.

First thing that ran through my mind is, "Yeah, ESZ launched oredi onie sah to speak English la? After that then no nid liao la??
See, the thing with Malaysians is, we tend to say we'll do something and yet not go through with it. Yes, I am afflicted with this terrible disease too, and that makes me know better than anyone to trust any of these "campaigns". It's usually just a 3 minutes hotness.


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