Thursday, 7 August 2008

Horsing around

Long long ago, I visited a farm in Kluang with my class.

I had no fear for the animals, and was quite gung-ho about reaching out to touch them, not afraid that they'd bite or anything.

So that's why I approached a horse after a couple of malay girls were done with it. I stroke the head of the horse and HAHAHAHA I got bitten by it. My fingertip got bitten, actually. And my fingertip couldn't feel anything for 1 week and numb another week after that.

I thought I still am that gung-ho person about horses despite what happened. But...

Monday I visited boyboy and he gave me yet another surprise, he wanted to drive me around! I happily I got on the car and thank god that day the battery still ada sikit sikit lagi and the car didn't die on us la.

 I like his muka serious. ^_^

And so boyboy drove me to where he used to go for horse-riding lessons, the equine department.

And over there I got a bit scared with the horses. Any movement by them was interpreted by me as a potential attack. -_-"

Panicky panicky panicky.
 The horse toucher [no pun intended]. And no, that's not a balding patch on his head. :D
Boy then showed me a mule, and I immediately noticed its phallus hanging out. FYI, an animal's dong don't hang out there unless they're ready to do business. And according to boyboy this mule has been all the time horny, ever since boyboy took horse-riding lessons he always saw this mule trying to kao a female horse.

The visit was quite a short one, but I'm happy that we're outdoors, doing something we'd not usually do. I'd like to rest and bersantai on a beach, but in KL, macam no beach lidat. Even if there's a beach I'd question its hygiene.

Shit my face looks terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P/S: The word "equine" makes me think of Daniel Radcliffe's nekkid body. Huhuhu...


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