Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Fixer Upper.

I can fix things. I am impressed with myself *kembang-ing*.

First of all, the experiment today was tough. I suspect the papan roti [breadboard] is spoiled. Either that or there is some kind of weird power at work. Or maybe I am just pure genius [you'll understand later why I made the last claim].

My lab partner and I spent the longest time trying to connect all of the wires but nothing works. We've checked, double checked, and triple checked but still the circuit is wrong, coz the LEDs aren't blinking properly.

So, I requested to have a separate breadboard from my partner. I wanted to see what was the problem. The breadboard, the components, me or my partner.

Got a new breadboard, new components, and worked alone. Everything workrd out fine in the end. I am a genius.

I fixed the "O" key on my laptop. I am a genius.

Now if I can just spit out that abstract and presentation.



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