Friday, 8 August 2008

It's another day...

Today quite boh song.

Bu shuang.


Kena snub by kawan. Sms him dowan reply wor. Got someone else to answer my questions. Blardy.

Kena have mock presentation before the real presentation. I haven't even started doing the slides. Sien.

Sunday have to go seniors' convo in the morning and afternoon. -_-"

Keep feeling like want to pangsai, but cannot pang. Everytime pang oso never finish everything. Feel so bloated.

Neways, tmr going out to karaoke. Hopefully can shake off some tension. 
And boyboy's bday coming soon!!!
Counting down...
OK back to completing the slides!!! *SIEN*


sleepy said...

Oh.. now i know why u so bo song. I know that bloated feeling. Totally hate that. Hope u'll cheer up soon! =D

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