Thursday, 28 August 2008

Going Musicals Crazy Part III: Across the Universe

OK, I've been looking forward to this movie, because unlike the other musicals, it is not adapted from Broadway or West End.

This is a movie made entirely of songs from The Beatles.

And finally, I managed to watch this movie.

Let me start with the things I like about this movie. Jim Sturgess [super cute], the songs and the way they were interpreted differently from the original context of the song, and also the flower-power theme that goes on in some of the parts of th movie. I like the VW van that was the signature vehicle used by the hippies, which has been one of my favourite vehicles!

The appearance of Bono was like, whoa, he looked so stoned [great acting btw] in the movie!

OK, now to the parts I didn't like. The people who made this movie probably tried to hard to squeeze a lot of the Beatles' songs in there and it's made a mess out of it. The interval between songs is too short, and out of nowhere, unrelated and irrelevant to the ongoing scene there pops out a song. Just like that.

Some places left me going, "Wha?" because the transition from dialogue scene to song scene is not very good. Not very cohesive. They're probably telling a great story but somehow they ruined it.

But the thing I realised is that if this was a stage musical, it would've been perfect! But since it isn't, it should've been adapted more to suit the silver screen.

Half good, half bad. But a disappointment since I looked forward to watching it, sooo much.

P/S: Coming up reviews - Cats and Phantom of the Opera (film version). And if I'm lucky to win from nuffnang, review of Mamma Mia!


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