Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Wedding [Part II] + IKEA

Okie, I admit I don't have the pictures yet. But when I do, the readers of this blog will get it as soon as I get it, ok?

All in all, the food was good, reception was nice, and the church ceremony made me cry.

Pictures coming soon I promise.


The morning was allocated for the outdoor shoot, and it was done in the Botanical Garden. There was a professional photographer my sister hired, his name is Kelvin. And the videographer is the elder brother of Penny Tai, he's Tai Min Fei. Let's call him Tai. They are pros, and I also brought my digicam and did some amateur shots.

It was Kelvin who conducted the poses, he chose the spots. And all I did was take the same pics from an amateur POV with an amateur camera.

The pics are so pro, and beautiful. I can't wait to see them!!!


In between the church ceremony and the dinner there was a small break. So my brother, the photographer and I went out to shop at IKEA. I have a few things in mind already, I've done my homework and have made up mind on what to buy.

First on the list, a SKUBB organiser. There were only black and white ones in the Sg IKEA, so I bought the black one.

And then there's the lamp. There is the study lamp already mounted in the whole furniture of the room table, but I want to be able to read in bed. So I have brought over my old Espressivo lamp from home but it doesn't seem to work. In case it is not the bulb that is spoilt [which is easy coz I can always change the bulb] I have bought a new Espressivo lamp. It's the same as the old one except for the colour. My old one looks like this.
The new one looks like this.

Honestly I like them both very much. Though I can't use the old one right now but it's beautiful in its see-through blue housing. And the white one is so classy.

The last item on my IKEA shopping list was Glimma candles. It came in a pack of 100 and was sold for SGD3.90. I see it in Watson's but I remember IKEA had cheaper ones so I held on until the next time I got to IKEA again. The candles are for the aroma set I bought last year. It had 2candles that came with it which finished within 2days.
There were scented candles too but what's the use? Double scent from oil and candle? Contradicting and more expensive I went for the plain ones.

The thing that I like most about IKEA is that the products are flat packed and they can go wherever you go.


The dinner had great food, and there was champagne and everyone got one glass for the toast. And the bridesmaid doesn't drink so I finished hers as well, coz I realised I like champagne. But as every alcoholic adventure of mine goes, I had flushed face, extra urination, and then, the puke. Only 2 glasses and I'm a wreck. I don't feel crazy after alcohol, but my body does. Sigh...


UPDATE: Ala, brader, boring is boring la, because have to stand up sit down stand up sit down damn sien. But I try to remember the good parts la. :D


市井行人 said...

got 2 lamp ah

da church ceremony was goddamn bored !!

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