Monday, 28 July 2008

Docteur. Vous make moi tres sien.

Ah boy's leg according to him is one big one small. The smaller leg is the accident leg la, smaller from lack of muscle use. But I told him it'd only be permanent if selamanya he uses less of that leg. After recovery he'd walk normal again and gain back his muscle mass...

Then the wounds are almost healed. He said he'd get his friend to bring him to the clinic to dress the wound. If ever he missed the clinic I think he knows deep in his heart I'd nag him non-stop. [You reading this? :P]


Been waking up every morning with a super flu/cold. And somehow my right foot hurts when I walk, especially when I just woke up and when the muscle is not warmed and stretched. I went to see the doctor and he gave Menzza. In UKM, no matter where you go, if you have a muscle problem they all prescribe Menzza to you, as though it's the GOD of all muscle meds. I personally hate Menzza coz as most analgesic creams it is oily, and it doesn't work. And then as on all the other occassions, he only gave me 5 tablets for the flu. The hell, does these docs think this flu will go away very soon har?

Sien diao.


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