Thursday, 24 July 2008

It's been a while...

It's been a while. And some secrets were kept. But as Gossip Town goes, nothing ever goes undetected and un-gossiped about. Eventually, everyone knows about everything.

The effort is applauded, but alas, it is found out, from third and fourth parties.

Not daring to say what she feels, as it unfolds. Because her thoughts on all this is still very unclear.

Time is all it takes to make everything feel not so weird.

Friendship still remains, and she and Lady Pimpernel are still chums. Everyone can see that. th

They see what they see.


It's been a while I've been to the library and it's changed so much. Borrowing of books computerised [not sure if that's the word to use to describe borrow of book by self-scanning the books thru a computer] and the anti-theft "thing" at the exit is also much prettier.

Siber PTSL is great. Internet access at RM1 per hour, with fingerprint verification. So you pay at the counter, go to the registration pc to book a place by typing in matric number and scan fingerprint, and voila! you're ready to go. It times you automatically, so you know how much time you're left with.

Then there's the e-journal section, which can be used for free. And also the past year questions bank, which is also free. And I am utilising this only during my final yr. They didn't have all those when I was a freshman, but in my sophomore yr these were done. But of course, me is too lazy le...


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