Tuesday, 8 July 2008


I have my thesis topic. It is “Effect of Ionising Radiation on the Surface Characterisation of Monolayer DPPC”.

It doesn’t sound too friendly, and I have been told the lab work takes a very long time. He is the first lecturer that I’ve seen, in fact, the only one. They have this quota now that each lecturer cannot take more than 4 students. And since there are only 7 non Malays from the total of 38 students eligible for thesis and 11 lecturers in total, each lecturer is not allowed to take more than 1 non malay, not more than 3 malays, not more than 2 girls and not more than 2 boys.

Hurm. Means if there is a non Malay that has been accepted by the lecturer that I want, then I would have to find my next option la. Luckily the first lecturer I saw already has a topic that I might be able to understand. Coz truth be told, most of the physics related journals I’ve come across are just a lot of jargons and [to me] gibberish. Always numbers and formulae but never a coherent and decipherable sentence. I need complete sentences to understand them shiet, man. Not symbols that even they ancient Egyptians can’t understand.


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