Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Before I start, just a quick excerpt from my conversation with Ming Eng on MSN.

Roe Jin: how do you make this slideshow of pix ah?---------------->
* Ming Eng *: slideshow?
Roe Jin: erm. nvm. mata silap
Roe Jin: eheheh
* Ming Eng *: hahaha
* Ming Eng *: i change dp dear
Roe Jin: ?S?S?S [supposed to be ?!?!?!]
Roe Jin: change dp is?
Roe Jin: change diaper?
* Ming Eng *: display pic
Roe Jin: ooooooooooooooo
Roe Jin: paiseh.


Lately been having this same conversation with myself a lot.

Aku: You so stupid you know.
Saya: Why?
Aku: Ask you anything, your answer is "I dono." Where got lidat one?
Saya: Ok lo. I agree. Me stupid.


Me: I need to find a way to stop being a sad person. I want to be happy.
Myself: Don't think about it la. The more you think like this hor, the more kesian you'll feel for yourself. You macam tragic figure la.
Me: But I want to stop crying over small things. I want to be able to not cry so much when I feel sad.
Myself: Haiya, then just be happy lo.
Me: Ok.


Aku: Want cut hair or not.
Saya: So long oredi. Can lo.
Aku: But you never cut hair unless something big happened.
Saya: Ya lo hor. The only time I cut my long hair without blinking is like dat lo hor. This time I'm still thinking whether I want to cut or give it one more chance.
Aku: Split ends. Dry hair. Maybe you should consider.
Saya: Maybe lo. But see first la.


Me: Sabishi ne.
Myself: Hai. Sabishi desu.


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