Sunday, 6 July 2008


I am still learning too. Sometimes some things we just have to let go of. No matter how much we miss the moment we had with something, we still have to part with it one day.

I used to have tons and tons of pin ups, posters and articles of my favourite artists. And I always told myself I would never throw them away, because they are a part of me, who I am.

But that was when I was a teen. I am no longer than young girl. I have known things, I have seen things, and I have learnt things. I can no longer say that that girl who kept all those posters is the girl that I am now. But that WAS me, and I will miss that always. But I had to let it go. So I cleared all my posters. I recycled them as waste papers.

It applies to a lot of things, and I am still learning to take things easy, although it is not an easy task.

But when your reluctance to let go hurts other people, that’s when it’s time to shut it off immediately, take time away from it, and let it sit, till it becomes a memory to you, not something to hold on to.

If you’re still reading this space, I think you know this is about you.



市井行人 said...

don throw!
mi still keeping many idol's poster leh!

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