Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The Fellowship

The Perry Bible Fellowship. I love this site. The comics are so dark.


The people at the college laid down the rules that residents here can't leave their shoes outside their door, can't hand clothes at the window and many more.

And guess what I saw outside the room of a fellow?

4 pairs of shoes/slippers. What the fuck is wrong with the people here?

And when the JAKSA had their spotcheck in the middle of the night when 90% of the people have gone to sleep [luckily I wasn't otherwise I'd be bloody pissed off and prolly would've given the finger] they come knocking as though you owe them money.

The stupid thing is, 2 people came to check. Then everything done already, all checked, then another bunch of idiots came. WTF!!! These people have internal communication breakdown. Can't they just coordinate properly who does what at where ah? Siao. Every year like dat, never changed at all. Kononnye quality of UKM is improving but still bodohs are dominating the colleges.

Then there was one person who left the light and fan on but nobody answered the door. [OBTW I forgot to mention that even the guy JAKSA people were here in the girl's block. WTF?] So this idiot kept knocking on her door. And knocked. And knocked. And knocked.

He doesn't know when to give up. He knocks louder everytime. Like, WTF, you people so free come conduct the spotcheck doesn't mean other people have to 陪你们玩 leh. If I got woken up by the ruckus and have to be woken the second time and disturbed by that knocking noise after the second check I swear I'd have sworn at them. Bloody bodohs.

And according to what I've heard, the fellows this year are useless. Ape2 pon tak tau. Last year was bad enough. This year lagi worse. Our club has a stupid fellow. Who made a booboo and made someone kena from someone else for no reason. And this one involves external departments, not from the college. Buang muka liao la.


The water supply is driving me mad. It used to be 7am and 7pm no water. Now hor, all the time the water macam kencing tikus.

And this is after they have replaced the water tank! Bloody hell, the other block also had their tank replaced but they have their normal water supply leh, why ours over here so jialat one! Babi hutan la, these people.

Then hor, the internet still something to complain about. Shitty slow!


I totally love "Like You'll Never See Me Again". So emo but so touching.

And David Cook's version of "Always Be My Baby" is so syiok!!! It's so wonderful how he can turn a song so bimbo into such a rock-ballady song...

That's all for now. Haven't complained in while, I think. Glad I got it out of my system. Tomorrow's a brand new day!


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