Sunday, 8 June 2008


I don’t understand
Why rapper music is all about hoes and bling.
Why them rappers have to absolutely collaborate with another just to release a song. Why can’t just rap by their own?
Why them rappers have to have one entourage wherever they go. Padahal artist name only satu orang punya nama.
Why rappers all have to bounce when they rap.
Why they think whacked out wardrobe is cool.

I personally frown in absolute wonder [not the good kind] at rapper videos, but there is one song that I like right now which is The Way I Are by Timbaland. Guarantee you in the not very far future of rap music there’s gonna surface a lot of songs that sound awfully familiar to this one. I remember there was one Usher song that everyone ripped off after that song was so bloody famous.


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