Saturday, 7 June 2008

Poll. For fun nia. Answer please?

OK! Want do poll now. Answer please? And truthfully ya. Answers in comment!!!

1. Y’all think which is the worst feature to have:
A. Small, flat nose
B. Yellow Big buck teeth
C. Lard face [oily face la]
D. Eye bags

2. Who sang better?
A. David Archuleta
B. David Cook

3. [This question for girls only]
When you look at a guy, which feature(s) do you notice? Can choose more than one. (and I’m not gonna use EYES as a choice here. Don’t be so goody-two-shoes and tell me you look at eyes and not the other physical parts, ok?)
A. Bootay (Translation: the buttocks)
B. Chest
C. Facial hair
D. Looks (i.e. yandao or not yandao)
E. Hair
F. Height
G. Pants (to check out size of package)
H. None of the above coz you’re a lesbo and you only like boobs and XXX

4. [This one for the guys, if there’s any at all and if you think not fair got for question for girl but none for guys so here you go.]
When you look at a girl, which do you notice? Can choose more than one.
A. Bootay [perky or flat]
B. The legs
C. The boobies [shape/size/cup]
D. The waistline
E. The way she dresses
F. Hair length
G. Make-up
H. You can’t see anything but her bf coz you’re a bender.

5. Choose, bitches.
A. Laptop
B. Desktop
D. None of the above. I use iPhone [or insert any other super advanced gadget] liao, you fossils.

6. Rate Malaysia’s cleanliness from 1 [super tamade sibeh kanasai dirty until want barf sial] to 10 [wahlao so clean it’s cleaner than Singapore]

7. What do you think of Avril Lavigne?
A. She’s so cool, I love all her songs and she looks so cute in pink.
B. Bloody fake, bloody cannot sing, bloody teenybopper songs.
C. No comments

8. Best tv show ever.

9. Best movie ever.

10. Which one?
A. Distilled water
B. Mineral water
C. R.O. water
D. Boiled tap water

11. _____ for president!
A. B. Obama
B. H. Clinton

12. Which one?
A. Backstreet Boys
B. N Sync
C. Boyzone
D. Westlife

13. Choose, young one.
A. Apologise, realise, organisation
B. Apologize, realize, organization

14. Who’s the bigger jerk?
A. Greg House
B. Simon Cowell

15. Which one which one to win?!?!?!?
A. A 10 nights trip to your dream destination
B. Your dream car



SJ said...

1. lard face
2. archuleta, not cos i heard him but i luvvvv him sho cute me paedophile,chest,butt, no particular order.actually can i choose all?
5.desktop (so bloody sick of laptops)
6.-10(don't even get me started on it lah -10 is too kind liao)
11.roe u even need to ask?! OBAMA-SAN!!!!!!!
12.B - JC CHASEZ!!!
13.A - Americans screw up the language yo
14.I dunno A,so..B!

rojakrojak said...

thanks jun, you're the ONLY one who answered.
i appreciate it. hehehe

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