Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Happy Day

Just wanna let you guys know, I do backdated posts so have fun spotting and reading them!!!
Hot weather induces thoughts like these:

- 5 showers a day
- Ice bath
- 2-hour long shower
- Winter
- Torrential rain
- A/C
- 1 billion Mwatt fan with a bucket of ice in front of it
- Life in a fridge
- Ice suit
- Waterbed
- Ice pool
- Nudity

And sometimes in life you gotta be careful what you wish for.
Received an sms from boyfriend who’s still in hospital saying he had a dream about me. Happy.

Made a lot of mee hun kueh and super delicious and springy. Happy.

Got a new mouse. Happy. Yes. I spoilt my mouse, once again. The new one which I’ve barely used for 4months. Brother was so kind to buy me a new one, and I think it was because he knew it’d be tough for me to use healing brush with the laptop cursor pad.
I have overgrown skin surrounding my big toe nails, and I usually just peel them off instead of cutting them. And because of this bad habit, I yanked it way too deep recently, and it hurt badly and I think there was some bleeding. So I put a band aid on it and after 1 day, it started to come off as all sub-standard band aids do and I peeled it off. And as all sub-standard band aids it locked in wetness and for the first time I saw what really happened there as all the skin was soggy and swelled. And I saw a small piece of my flesh hanging there. Yikes. I laid the band aid off, applied dettol and iodine everyday and it desiccated becoming a small, dried bloody thing, and looked a lot like bak kua. Now the bak kua has dropped off, but still I feel a little small pain. But it’s ok la. As long as it’s healing and not developing gangrene.

I just got my results. Disappointed. Why is it that I can get A for my elective subject and yet fail my major? I don’t get it. I don’t fucking get it.

My happy streak has just officially come to an end. For now, at least. I’ve been so emo a long long time since my finals and today was one of those few days when I feel good about myself, my life and the world. And this happy day ended on a bad note. And tomorrow starts and I will most probably wallow in self-pity again.
My answers for my own poll:
1. For me hor, a tie between eye bags and big buck teeth. Think Patricia Mok.
2. Cook la!!! Archuleta so kanak-kanak
3. Bootay and height.
5. Lappy la. PDA so small, how to use?!
6. 2
7. B
8. Erm… For now it’s House/CSI tied.
9. Saw. Makes you feel stupid. I like movies that make me feel stupid.
10. Distilled.
11. Erm… Who the hell cares, anyway?
12. B (C and D sux)
13. A
14. A
15. A


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