Friday, 13 June 2008


I was stunned.

He called and said he broke a leg in an accident. I didn’t know how to react. It didn’t sink in. It was like Rohini’s case. When I first learnt that she had passed I couldn’t cry. I asked myself how come I didn’t feel a thing. Then Vinitha held my hand and I broke.

This time it was a message saying he didn’t want to worry me.

He had called last night saying he lost his maxis number and the phone with it. I thought he just couldn’t find it. But he lost it in the accident and he didn’t even know how the accident happened.

I talked with him, joking all the time, I was blabbering non stop.

Then this morning he called again. But I didn’t answer because I was still sleeping. And he called later and I picked up and joked with him. And then he told me. And I feel so terrible. My boyfriend is in pain and I was all happy happy.

He is currently waiting for the surgery to put the metal support into his right tibia. Until the surgery he can’t even eat or drink. Just the fluids they’re feeding him. I’m just glad it’s not our GH that he’s in.


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