Thursday, 19 June 2008

Pointless Nostalgic

Was going thru old photos in the pc to find if there’s anything I can do to enhance. Then I saw this long forgotten photo in a long forgotten folder. It’s a pic of Marcus senpai and I on KDO Family Day 2007. It’s a picture of him all wet from being thrown into the lake? river? after an outdoor game. Dono why, but he was holding 2 RM1 bills. That wet part is not the point. The point is [oh he’s gonna sooooo kill me for this] he was trying to change out of his wet clothes, and when all he had were his boxers and towel, the towel fell off and all the girls at that moment [at least the unlucky ones] screamed in ecstasy.


Senpai, forgive me, but damn nostalgic sial!

Senpai, just want to say, we will all miss you like hell, coz you’re a cool senpai. And I apologise for being cold towards you for one period of time, because that time I was very super anti-yeoh [still am] and you were all chummy with him. Paiseh la, don’t mean to be so mean.

Still, good luck in all you do, and don’t forget to come back to KDO and face my skepticism ok?

Oh ya did I mention other than Sham, Foong Dar and Zaf, you are the most yandao senpai in KDO? Huhuhu!


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