Friday, 13 June 2008

PG16 Dream

A dream is a brain’s way to sort out needless information from when we were awake. I don’t know how this got to be in my head in the first place. But for the following description of my dream, I’d say READER DISCRETION AND PARENTAL GUIDANCE ARE ADVISED.

It started out in a classroom. A big one, but it had no windows. All of the seats were in the middle of the classroom and they were all the “table is small plank attached to chair” type. I was wandering alone in it and I remember there was a laptop which I brought.

So a guy, a big, black, burly Indian man [looks Indian but actually very angmoh type] came into the classroom and he was supposed to be my boyfriend in the dream. He didn’t have a name in the dream but let’s just give him one for the ease of story-telling. Let’s call him Tambi.

So after Tambi came inside the classroom, there were some disturbances outside. Tambi went to check it out and somehow someone pissed Tambi off and he killed that person with his brute strength. And another guy came and kacau and Tambi fought him but the other guy got a huge spearhead stuck into his crotch and when he died it was all bloody. [At this point of blogging down the dream I forgot whether he killed more than these two. But one thing is for sure. There were at least 2. Coz I remember it was kind of a killing spree.]

And when he came inside the classroom again, I was scared. He asked me why. Then I asked him whether he would kill me if I did something wrong. And he asked what I would do wrong, that he trusted that I would not hurt him in any way. In the dream I asked the question because I was scared. But I didn’t want to let him think it was because I really did wrong him and also because I trusted that he wouldn’t hurt me so I said it is ok, I’d never do such a thing.

[This part of the story is steamy. If you are McGoody-Two-Shoes and squeamish about sex scenes then skip this paragraph. But after making that statement I don’t think anyone would.]
So then he lifted me off my feet and propped me up against the wall with my legs wrapping around his waist. So I knew he wanted sex. We kissed and he raber-raber between my legs and I got a little basah in the dream AND in reality. [Sexy dream ma, so I oso got steamed lo.]

While all that was happening I saw through the little glass frame in the classroom door that his friend was peeping at us. So I told him about it but I regretted it. Coz now I know he’d go and kill that guy. And he did want to. He set me down and chased after him. I realised that if Tambi got to that guy first then that guy would die. So decided to chase him down myself with the reason being I wanted to beat him up myself.

Going out of the classroom and into the corridor, and I took some wood planks and threw after him, missing him. Chasing him along the corridor, I grabbed a small, square and red wooden crate, front and back missing so it was loose and looked more like a wooden frame. I ran after him into another classroom, but this one is like the 6 Emas classroom in Convent. The big windows were open and there was a grass slope outside of the classroom and that was where I caught and engaged in a fight. He got me pinned down so you can see he was on top.

At this point of the dream, I was already watching myself from the corridor. And I saw Tambi outside the classroom as well, but of course he couldn’t see me. He took out a laser pointer and pointed to the guy attacking me. I saw his clothing got lasered off and Tambi was gonna cut him to pieces from the corridor. The corridor me realised that he would somehow ter-kill me or ter-cut off some parts of my body, even though he promised. That was irony, and I knew that fighting-me was gonna die and corridor-me walked back to the previous classroom.

Upon entering, the cable TV was on. The terrestrial TV was on too but there was only TV snow. There was Sarah McLachlan performing live on the cable TV, but I turned all TVs off. Went to my laptop, sat down and figuring out that this was a faculty that I was in, so surely there was wireless. So I went online. Then I woke up.


Too bad the steamy part of my dream didn’t last long. But somehow that was a horror movie too. The way Tambi went on a killing spree wasn’t pretty.


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