Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Ashes and wine. Garden revisited.

I was downloading mp3 songs while looking thru uni info, and I found this song by A Fine Frenzy aka Alison Sudol. It's called Ashes and Wine and it's damn sad man... A bloody emo song, and her voice is just super! Here it is...

And I suddenly thought of Savage Garden and their oldies...

Crash and Burn

Santa Monica


These past week has been hot hot hot!!! The damn weather is soooo bleh. Dulu so rainy, now hot like wudever. I wasted too much of my shampoo, facial foam and shower gel just to clean out all the sweat and oil. Not to mention the laundry. OMG wanna die!!!!


e s t a n c u s said...

wahh...so the purple ah... sure onot...aaha

wei, it turns out, i CANT ask ppl to click my adds. Well, directly lah.

So lets do indirectly yah.. klik but dont announce. ahahah


calvin said...

i think human will never satisfied with what they have. people who are staying in the seasoned countries keep on complaining that it's getting colder. now you said that malaysia is getting hotter. but my place also getting hotter although it is still under 20 degree ^^

TwoSiaoChabos said...

it's called global warming, kiddo. hehehe

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