Thursday, 8 May 2008


I just got my nuke science club [KESAN] tshirt.

And it is monumentally, the fugliest thing ever after our PERTINA tshirt.

It's so fug, I don't know how they justify asking RM23 for it!

And I don't even think I have the guts to ever wear it. Why?

Because all the other tshirts from the other clubs of other courses are so damn fucking nice ours looklikedogturdomfgIdonevenknowhowtoputitintowordsitistoofuckingfugly.

Black fabric, with fugly lime green, fugly font, bad decal quality, and no bloody patterns on it!!!! RM23!!!!! Fucking expensive with fugs written all over it! [this colour against black background. EEEE!!! ----->] FUGLY!!!


Norven said...

i tot that the pertina shirt was as bad as it can get... really salute to the designer of the KESAN shirt... break record leh

rojakrojak said...

nononononono PERTINA tshirt still holds the record. think about it hor, i think the librarians tshirt in sigs was the second worst. so this KESAN tshirt holds #3.

sleepy said...

I have the TOP TWO MOST FUGLY t-shirts in history!!! And i'm still keeping them! hahaha.. Who knows, one day Fugly shirts may become the in-trend! lol.

sleepy said...

Oh, and could u pls pls pls take a pic of your KESAN shirt? I wanna see the fugly-ness of it!!! hahaha... You know wat? I think it's designed like this fugly so that ppl wearing them can be "KESAN"ed. haha... =P

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