Saturday, 3 May 2008


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Walao, sibeh sien. These few days been studying a lot less than I should. But luckily I've prepared for the coming ones before the finals started.

I'm thinking of getting a master's degree. I have a few in mind. I would like to take what Joycie is taking but over here in UKM they don't have that. They only have English, which is OK OK la, but a bit pariah, considering their English standard over here.

Then there is Marine Science. I love the water, and I've always wanted to learn scuba diving. I have no objection about marine life, and I am fascinate by their vast diversity. Only problem would be, Malaysian sea, mana boleh make it one.

The other one would be zoology. I like biology, and I miss studying biology. So this is a great course for me, except I don't know what the job prospect is, because takkan wanna become zookeeper meh. I don't mind la, but macam Malaysian zoo cannot make it one.

Actually want to take mass comm oso. But think think think, the course in conducted in Malay. Sorry, no can do.

Even I am accepted, there's still the loan thing to think about. JPA only offers for grads who were granted JPA during degree. And PTPTN so meagre, how to survive even if I get?

Apa macam la...

But wuteva la. Look see first. If everything falls into place, I'll be doing my master's degree after I grad la.


e s t a n c u s said...

wow.. my name on your post? like so the honor lar.. ahah!


haha.. kenny sia huh? sound great, but alil more prep with my blog.. dun wana men-sia-sui-kan diri ma, right?

ukm media student wor.. lolx

ey, all the best exams yah!


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