Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Achat. Oooh mama mia!

One of my lab groupmates is on JPA scholarship, so right now according to him he's rich. And he's decided to give a treat to his groupmates.

So on Wednesday Iqa, her bf Nasuha, Prem, Syahir [the rich one] and I went to Cheras Selatan's Jusco in Iqa's car to watch movie and lunch.

There wasn't a lot of choices for the movie, so we watched a movie titled "Dan in Real Life" starring Steve Carrell, thinking it was a comedy based on the poster. And I knew this dude from Evan Almighty too... Then after watching it, we realised that it was somewhat like a drama. I thought it was a bad comedy at first, coz it was so slow. But as the story unwinds, I found that it's a very good drama. It was very touching, made me cry. At some parts of the movie the comedy was very subtle yet powerful.

After the movie, we went to Pizza Hut to have our lunch. After ordering we girls went to toilet, but we didn't return to the restaurant immediately. We went walking around, and I found my gears for my college's annual dinner, with the theme of executive/office look, and colours red, white and black. This is what I got.

Not much la, but it's something, and to think I put together one LOOK for RM38's worth, I consider myself doing ok...

On the way back to campus I felt carsick as is the case with me whenever I'm on a vehicle, but I still managed to snap a pic for the memories...
The guys in front, no need la. The girls are more important. =p


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