Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The receiving end of humiliation. [Not me.]

I believe all of you who have taken chemistry before know how to calculate concentration, molarity blabla…

According to what I know, the molecular mass means the weight of 1mol of molecule. And 1M of solution means there is 1mol of the molecule in 1000ml of water.

For example:

Molecular mass for KH2PO4 is 228.23gram/mol. That means in one mol there is 228.23grams of this substance.

And in the end we need 60ml of 1M KH2PO4, but we only have 100ml of volumetric flask. So in the end we’ll be making 100ml of 1M KH2PO4 but use 60ml of it.

Makes sense so far?

Ok, so 228.23grams of KH2PO4 can make 1000ml of 1M solution. But we don’t need 1000ml, we need only 100ml ma. So, we divide the weight by 10, and voila, that’s the weight [22.823gram] we need to make 100ml 1M KH2PO4.

So that’s exactly what we did in our laboratory today.

In UKM, if you’re a Master student I think you’re required to be a tutor or something. So this scourge of mankind who makes everyone’s life miserable more than Hurricane Katrina does is a Master student, and is one of the tutors during every Tuesday’s laboratory. But my lab is on Monday and he fekking showed up.

I ignored this #$%^&* of course, as I always do. And when the above-mentioned calculation has been explained to my groupmates, they understood what I said, and got on to weigh the substance.

By the time I was gonna dissolve the salt, Mr Soya Drink came, and ask for demo of calculation. I was the one who figured it out, I was the one to explain la. So I did. And he said, “This is chemistry. What you’re doing is pure maths. It’s not that simple.”

And he went on to show off this powderful M1V1=M2V2 formula. Problem is I don’t even see how he got his funny answers. He explained that we don’t have 60ml v flask, so we’ll make 100ml and so there’s a difference in volume, so we need this formula to get the concentration blablabla [and a lot more gibberish.]

I don’t know how, but 1 other tutor, an ex-tutor who just got his doctorship, and 3 other lab assistants all got confused, and went along with his answer. The sad thing was the top 2 students of Nuke Sc also got influenced, and one of them tried to persuade me that Soya was right.

I wanted to find for answers, but everyone was so influenced and so incompetent of understanding me, even the doctor, and I got tamade fed up. He even asked everyone to go listen to Soya tell them what to do wor.

I never listened to a crap he said because:
1. I hate his guts and I won’t give him the satisfaction that he’s right.
I know for sure he’s wrong, because there was no way that I saw any sense in his answers

And when even the people who were supposed to have such common sense lost their common sense, I was so helpless, coz I was made out to look as though I was stupid and stubborn for not listening to the “right answer.”

When Soya was explaining at the board I went up and showed my method, and tmd he told me, “This is basic form 4 chemistry, you should go study up,” or something to that effect. I was tmd tulan, I straightaway went to find the lecturer to confirm my answer instead of listening to a roomful of fools. And even if I was wrong I wanted to hear it from the lecturer, and not from incompetent and unsure people.

And guess what the lecturer said? Before I was even done showing my calculation he went, “Ya la! It’s so simple!”


So I proceeded to tell of how a master student by the name of Y*** ****g H* was explaining something that could not be understood, and showed him exactly how Soya wrote it.

I wanted to call that doctor to come and listen to the lecturer, but the lecturer himself got up and said he’d go to the lab and teach them how to do it.


And so I strolled in behind the lecturer, with the most victorious smile. I had won, so now let’s do some damage. Prof got in front, dispelled any doubt all of them had. Soya being the “I-cannot-lose-coz-if-I-do-I-will-be-super-malu-because-I-was-such-jackass" that he is, he made all the last struggle for air muka that he could. The lecturer merely crossed out Soya’s equation and said it’s totally not needed.


And to rub it in his face, I said loudly to my friends, “FYI, this is only basic common sense and mathematics, and I got A1 for both my add maths and mod maths in form 4. Now, who’s the one that should have studied his form 4?”

He then gave a lame attempt at “apologising”. But whatever, I wasn’t gonna buy it coz he’ll never change his tyrant ways, this barbarian.

Now, who has the last laugh?



Edrea said...

Wah...reminded of my sec and high school times of chemistry....


rojakrojak said...


haiyah, i forgot everything le, but somehow i got it all back when i needed it!!!

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