Saturday, 23 February 2008

An episode.

I had an episode again today, and sometimes I feel like I'm becoming more and more like the monsters that I've been detesting. I promise, one of these days I'm gonna start ripping someone's head of if I don't start taking control of my own emotions.

Snapping at any victim that falls my way is usually not my style, as I like to give hell to only the person who "kek" me. But today didn't go as I planned, and something inside me just snapped, and lo and behold, the Cloverfield monster arrived shortly at the Chancellory of UKM.

It wasn't a good week to start with, as it started with that damn idiot trying to screw me over, but thankfully I won that round. Then it was something else about people acting on their own, but we've forgiven that. Then today one stayed calm, one got pekchek, one didn't know what went on and went berserk on everyone. The latter was me. My bad, my bad.

But today made me see one thing. I was only that close to hitting someone, and I am glad all that I did was throw an exercise book. Tsk tsk... All that anger... I need to Zen a little some time.

Someone, anyone! 带我出去!!! I need to get out of here! Tis a crazy house!!!


Little puppy loves to look so innocent, like it needs all the love in world, and you're so tempted to give it some. But nonono... When you get near, it runs away, leaving you bewildered thinking, "I thought it needed some love!" And you find a kitten which looks as though it doesn't care, but loves everything touch that you give it. Demure but aloof, proud but warm. Animals!!! What a headache!


Been trying to update myself on Jun's blog, but then macam nothing happened, until the recent post, which is password protected. I promise when I'm free I'll get the password from you Jun!!!






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