Monday, 14 January 2008

The Engagement.

On 9th Jan I travelled from KL to JB, and from JB to Singapore. By the time we reached the hotel room it was already 8-ish. So, we headed out for dinner afterwards, and we had Katong Laksa [super yummy omg I wanna eat it so bad now!] with Andrew [the bro-in-law] and his pops. Then heading back to hotel, I watched an Amanda Bynes movie on Star Movies [I was bored, OK?!] and then a Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon movie [I was super bored, OK?!]

Managed to sleep in the end, and the next morning had to wake up darn early to meet up for breakfast with bro-in-law and his pops. Then we headed to house of in-laws. Which I was OK with, but I think my sister was a little nervous about. But let me tell you, the only thing she's nervous about is that I'll start blurting out nonsense and embarrass all of us. Hehehe. JK. She was in an incredibly good mood.

Then we got introduced to each other, and I felt that they were real nice, especially the aunts, Aunt Celeste and Aunt Angie.

Clockwise from back left: The boy boy, the girl girl, the other sister, Aunt Celeste, the pops, the other mama, my mama, and me.

The ceremony began when the boy boy put the ring on the girl girl.

Then the cake with salah spelling was cut [it was spelt CONGRATULION ANDREW & DELLA]
Then makan cake. After makan cake, everyone got trigger-happy.

Then we went to a restaurant for lunch, and it was super syiok. Will not make you people drool la, so I will omit the menu. [Hiak hiak hiak]

This was the engegament ceremony in a nutshell, and I must say they are a friendly bunch, and they have invited me over for karaoke. They love karaoke too! Hehe... And most of all, they talk about makan all the time!!! That's something I would love to have more of!

It's been fun hanging out with them, and surely there's more to come. Huhu!

And to my Big Sis,

Congratulations, and Happy Belated Birthday.


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