Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy 2008

I've just spent my countdown eating pizza with a bunch of loonies, me included. It was really fun how everyone cracks everyone up, laughing, joking, making fun of each other, and spending the time together. Even though the only times we get to do that is when we have a big project together, but it does feel like a family. With someone always on your nerves pissing you off, someone poking fun at you, or not listening to what you have to say, isn't that what family is like sometimes if not all the time?

We had a fun countdown: we watched Starship Trooper on Channel 9 and switched over to TV3 at midnight to countdown. It was no fancy countdown, but we had each other, and pizza delivery. It was a lot of laughs, and I split my sides god knows how many times laughing my brains out.

I don't usually do that "looking back at the past year" thing, I just accept the new year as it comes. I find myself forgetting the people I've met in the past, cause they look familiar but I'm not really sure whether they're my acquaintances or my friend's friends. Then they say hi to me and I'll be like all blur and they'd know I don't remember them. It's embarrassing. But sometimes I think it's good not to keep so much redundant info la. Hehehe...

It's not been a real good year, but isn't every year the same? During those CNY countdown shows they always tell you your fortune for the year, but it's been years since I heard something good happening to Tigers. It's kinda a shit year, really. But among the shit there's still something good.

2008, here I come. I'm ready for you.


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